A secretive corporation that holds a monopoly on the technology necessary to "fold space", travelling light-years in mere moments, has shown an obsessive interest in a large uncharted nebula in a distant arm of the galaxy.

The Pilot is working off the remainder of her sentence as an involuntary stellar cartographer for this corporation.  She has been issued a small spacecraft that is equipped with a finicky deep space scanner and the support of an infantile Artificial Intelligence unit, and given orders to map as much as possible and report back with her findings.

What she discovers out there will change her life forever, if she can get back home in one piece.


  • Life without an "undo" button.  Your ship stays with you from start to finish.  If something breaks, it'll stay broken until you figure out how to fix it. 

  • A universe of procedurally generated mysteries for the ambitious explorer.

  • A diverse ecosystem of intergalactic fauna with their own predator, prey and scavenger roles to play.

  • A steep difficulty-curve that will push your ability to stay calm under pressure to the limits.

  • A compelling story of friendship and compassion that promises to surprise and entertain.