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two minutes to midnight

Take control of the United States or Soviet Union and provide technical and economic assistance to guerrillas all over the world fighting for your cause, all while avoiding a direct and open-confrontation with the enemy.

In Precipice, subterfuge is the most important strategy.  Safeguard your closest allies and change unfavorable regimes without giving away your long-term ambitions. Every action risks an enemy reprisal, and if nobody backs down from a standoff, we all lose.

Will you be victorious in the Cold War, or will you send us all over the precipice of nuclear annihilation?


  • Tense strategy for one or two players.  Face a highly-responsive, unpredictable AI that will attempt to understand your strategy and counter it at every turn, or invite a friend and see if you can collectively work to avoid global catastrophe.  

  • World leaders from 72 countries realized as animals native to the region, all pawns in the dangerous game of nuclear brinksmanship.

  • Manage resources from territories under your control to resolve immediate crises or win over future allies.

  • Put a man on the moon.  Put a missile silo on the moon.  The possibilities are endless.

  • Simple, intuitive gameplay that is also difficult to master.

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